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:bulletblue:MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU:bulletblue:
We are here to bring you the latest and greatest art of the Star Wars movies, animated shows, video-games and comic books.

:bulletgreen:Please make sure to check out our year-round competition to determine the artist of the year 2015! -->…


:bulletred: Please submit to the correct folders!
( Read about our folders here… )
If artworks don't get submitted to the correct folders we sadly have to decline them.

:bulletred: If you submit art which contains strong language, extreme violence or otherwise sensitive material please put a mature content filter on it.

:bulletred: Concernig nudity/sexual content: Please make sure that all your artworks with sexual content, or artworks which feature characters with exposed personal parts have at least a warning for mature content filter on.
We want this group to be open for minors, too.

:bulletred: And please don't submit art with discriminating content against race, gender, religion, ...

Thank you!

If you still have questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Ahh, forgot something: Of course our most important rule is: HAVE FUN! ;)


...KaelaCroftArt :iconkaelacroftart:

With her epic action-pictures, she creates unforgettable characters and inspires thrilling stories. :jedi:

9 of her amazing works were submitted to our fav artists 2014 folder, and therefore she lies ahead the average 4 favs per artist and thus is the winner of "our Fav Artist of 2014"-Competition.

Her breathraking style gives life to unique characters and even makes you see familiar ones in a new light.
Sketchavember 2014: Week 2 by KaelaCroftArt
Sketchavember 2014: Week 2 by KaelaCroftArt

Being quite active on deviantArt, KaelaCroftArt is Group-Founder of :iconsw-fanworks:, Co-Founder of :iconstarwars-legacy-fans: and :iconstarwars-artists: (both affiliated groups of :iconstarwars4ever:), and Contributor at :iconfanartsociety:.
She's also open for commissions at the moment so go check out her homepage on deviantArt, tumblr, twitter or facebook to see more of her artworks. :gallery:

I can promise you that browsing through KaelaCroftArt's gallery will give you a blast, there's so much action and dynamic in every artwork, it never gets boring.
At StarWars4Ever we are glad to have such an amazing artist in our group because her contributions to our gallery are an enrichment for the whole community.

Learn about our Artist of the Year competition here-->…
Thank you to all the people who enthusiastically joined our May the Fourth - Star Wars Quiz Special! :jedi:


And here are the wonderful artist, who answered at least of 5 of the posed questions correctly. Make sure to check out their awesome works! :gallery:
A Skywalker By Any Other NameSummary: Six year old Lucy Skywalker is pretty sure healers are all boring; stern Jedi. But after being assigned to the Healing Quarters in the Jedi Temple; she’s left wondering if she was wrong after all.
Rated: Teen
“Come along little Skywalker. You don’t want to be late on your first day.” The tall; imposing figure of the Togrutan Jedi Master Shaak Ti said as she looked down upon the small; six year old girl with short brown hair and dressed in light blue youngling robes and black boots that hardly made a sound as they hit the shiny, pristine floors of the Jedi Temple.
“Coming Master Ti.” Lucy replied; trying to keep up with the Jedi Master. I hope I get to be as tall as Master Ti. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about being late for anything.
“You’re being put into the healing quarters on an internship. And perhaps it will help you learn more about the spiritual side if the force as well.” Shaak Ti explained; turning
Mando'a And ChocolateSummary: On a cold winter’s day on Lothal, Ava Vos wonders what it’s like to have a family. Sabine tells her she doesn’t have to look very far. Slight Sabine/OC. But more on the friendship side then the romantic side.
Rated: Teen
“Well, this is certainly colder than I’ve been in a long time.” Sabine comments as she walks into the common’s area of the Ghost. She smiles slightly when she spots Ava; curled up on the long cushioned couch with a blanket wrapped around her tightly. “Ava?”
“Hmm?” Ava looks over and smiles slightly at Sabine. “Oh hey Sabine.” She says, reaching up and brushing some of her dark, wavy hair away from her jade green eyes. “Sorry, I was just thinking about something.”
“…Are you okay?” Sabine asks, leaning against the wall. She crosses her arms over her chest and stares down at Ava. “You seem pretty down lately.”
Ava hesitated as she tried to come
Codename: FulcrumSummary: At fifteen years old; Hera makes a decision that will shape her life forever. She just needs a little help to get started. Enter the notorious Rebel known as Fulcrum.
Rated: Teen for violence and swearing.
“It’s this way.” The tall, human man dressed in pale tan and green clothing tells Hera as they walk through an old abandoned building. The rifle in his hands is a scary sight; but Hera was used to danger. Since the Empire had taken over Ryloth; a day didn’t pass without someone getting killed or maimed.
It was normal.
“So how do I know that Fulcrum is going to help me?” Hera asked, feeling a little nervous.
“She heard the intel you’ve been gathering.” The man said, smiling a little. “You’re good. But you need to learn how to hide your channels better.” He hesitated for a minute. “I’m Carl.” He added, his green eyes shining with amusement as he caught the look of surprise on her face.

Changers of a Far Away Galaxy by KaramatMadeScarred by Mustafar by KaramatMadeStarkiller's Clones by KaramatMade
Posing with imperials by DernwenCoruscant nights by DernwenThe new purchase by Dernwen
Slave I by mahiyanacarudlaBoba Fett hijacking the Black Pearl by mahiyanacarudlaBoba Fett Jumping from Easter Egg by mahiyanacarudla
Search on Tatooine by DarthWill3The Birth of Darth Vader by DarthWill3Darth Maul - My Little Pony by DarthWill3
More Journal Entries


We hope that you enjoy our group and...


We admins from StarWars4Ever are here to bring you the latest and greatest art of the Star Wars movies, animated shows, video-games and comic books.

:bulletgreen: If you have questions about group rules or suggestions on how to make this group even more appealing, please don't hesitate to contact us!

:bulletred: Group Rules are visible on this home page in the top left corner in the welcome-panel.

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